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couple giving gift The Most Unique Romantic Gifts delivers creative romantic gifts, anniversary gift ideas, and present suggestions for a wife, girlfriend, mother, or any special woman in your life for any occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or just to show her how you feel.

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Delivering The Most Unique Romantic Gifts
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Gold & Silver Roses
Gold Roses & Silver Roses
Real roses preserved in 24k gold or silver - our most popular presents. Also in new pink gold ("rose gold") & white gold
Platinum Roses
Platinum Roses
Real roses dipped in platinum - a beautiful gray metal more precious than gold or silver
Glazed Roses
Real roses preserved in a clear acrylic glaze.
New "Open Bloom" & Silver Trim!
Glazed Roses
Enamel Roses
Small real roses preserved under silver & hand painted with enamel on petals
Enamel Roses
Christmas/Winter Gifts of Nature
New! - Real holly leaves & pine cones preserved as jewelry or ornaments
Christmas / Winter Gifts of Nature
Wild Roses Wild Roses
Unique type of small roses in silver or gold
Copper Roses & Bronze Roses Copper Roses & Bronze Roses
Roses Preserved in Copper or Bronze
Iron Roses
Flat Rose Shape of Cast Iron
Great for the 6th "Iron Anniversary"
Iron Roses
Steel Roses
Roses made of forged solid steel
Great for the 11th "Steel Anniversary"
Steel Roses
Shell Flowers
Shell Flowers
Beautiful flowers made from sea shells
Crystal Roses Crystal Roses
Beautiful roses of cut crystal glass
Cotton Roses
Cute roses of rolled up red cotton towels
Great for the 2nd "Cotton Anniversary"
Cotton Roses
Paper Roses
Hand-folded origami paper roses
Great for 1st - Paper Anniversary
Paper Roses
Porcelain Roses
Porcelain Roses - New Style!
Long-stem porcelain roses imported from Italy
Porcelain Flowers Porcelain Flowers
Italian porcelain flowers of different styles
Glazed Orchids
Beautiful orchids preserved forever
Glazed Orchids
Leather Flowers Leather Flowers
Flowers made of genuine leather
Great for 3rd - Leather Anniversary
Wood Flowers Wood Flowers - New Style!
Send a dozen red roses of wood
Recommended for 5th - Wood Anniversary
Silver Flower / Crystal Petals
Silver sunflowers w/ colorful crystal petals
Silver & Crystal Flower
Preserved Flower Jewelry
Real flowers made into necklaces & more
Preserved Flower Jewelry
Pearl Rose
Pearl Rose
Real Rose w/ Mother of Pearl Petals
Great 30th - Pearl Anniversary Gift
The Ivory Rose
Preserved Ivory Color White Real Rose
Suggested for 14th - Ivory Anniversary
Ivory Rose
Aluminum Flowers
Flowers of Hand Bent Aluminum Wire
Great for 10th - Aluminum Anniversary
Aluminum Flowers
Brass Roses
Roses of Hand Bent Brass Wire
Great for 21st - Brass Anniversary
Brass Roses
Coral Gifts Preserved Coral Gifts
Great for the 35th - Coral Anniversary
Preserved Lilies Preserved Lilies
Gold or Silver Covered Small Lilly
Gold & Silver Daisies Gold & Silver Daisies
Beautifully Preserved Real Daisy
Photos Engraved in Gold or Silver
Photo Engraved in Gold or Silver
Turn a photo into jewelry for a memory that will last a lifetime
Pendants With Romantic Quotes Pendants with Romantic Quotes
Sterling silver pendants with designs of romantic quotes & more
Romantic Message Jewelry
Jewelry gifts of silver cuffs and bracelets with phrases of love & inspiration
Romantic Message Jewelry
Wish Stones Wish Stones
River rocks printed with words like Dream, Love and Forever
Glass Words Glass Words
Glass etched with words of hope & love
Picnic Baskets, Blankets, etc
All the stylish supplies you need for a romantic getaway picnic
Picnic Baskets

2014 - Our 16th Year of Offering You The Most Unique Romantic Gifts Romantic Gifts
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