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 Games of Love, Intimacy, Sensuality, and Romance


Foreplay Board Game

This is Foreplay...a game where you and your lover both win by gaining new insight into each other through a romantic interlude.

Half of this board game's cards are questions to ask each other along the lines of turn-ons, preferences, and desires while other cards are specific sensual actions to do to each other. 

Foreplay is a sex game that opens the doors to intimate and revealing discussions between you and your lover to revitalize your love life.Out of Stock

Foreplay Game $29

Romantic Rendezvous
Two Games of Love, Intimacy, and Adventure

The Romantic Rendezvous games offers the opportunity for you and your lover to grow closer and delve into the joys and delights of being together through love, intimacy, and adventure.

Romantic Rendezvous is unique as it embodies two different games that may be played separately or together.

The board game offers over 120 activities to share together such as:
"Share with your partner what you love about yourself."
"Give your partner a five-minute massage on any area of their body they choose."
"Tell your partner what you love about them."

The card game is a game of self-expression and communication:
"Hug, cuddle and be affectionate and playful with each other. After a few minutes, whisper in each other's ear what you are each experiencing at that time."
"Anyplace your partner wants, using anything your partner wants, give your partner pleasure. Be open to directions from your partner."
"Take turns sharing three wishes or one dream that you each have."

Combining the two games adds an exciting dimension and creates the Romantic Rendezvous Experience.

Romantic Rendezvous contains a board game, a card game, two tokens, and a die. The board game: Each player alternates rolling the die, moving and following the instructions in the landed space. The card game: Players alternately pick a card and play the card. Romantic Rendezvous Experience: Players follow the board game instructions, pick a card when instructed to and follow those instructions.
Complete instructions included in the game.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only was I surprised at my lover's sensuality, I was amazed by the lover within myself. We played the game for over 10 hours. Amazing how many times the 5 minute minimum easily surpassed 15, 20, even 30 minutes. We experienced emotional high of romance, love, and fevered lust. We gave of ourselves both physically and emotionally. My only hope is that on our next “Romantic Rendezvous” we may actually finish the game. We thank you beyond words.

L & D
Fredericksburg, IA

We loved the game, we like that it takes a while to play, that there are no “rules”, that we can play on the board, with the cards, or use both. We used both the board and the cards and played for a few hours. We took our time and enjoyed it. We didn’t even get to finish! We plan on keeping it an ongoing game. We also like to pick a card every once in a while and use it to keep our communication and our love fresh and new. I think I’m going to get this game for a friend for their wedding in May.

J & J
Sellersville, PA

Romantic Rendezvous Game $29
Out Of Stock

Speak Love, Make Love

Romantic Game of Giving and Receiving

Speak Love... Make Love is a uniquely designed game that offers you and your lover two types of intertwined play
On the Speak Love side, some of the activities you might be playing are:

Sharing:"Share one commitment you have for yourself, your partner and your relationship."
Communication:"Tell your partner what you can do to make more time for love and romance in your lives."
Discovery:"Ask your partner what is romantic to them."

On the Make Love side:
Dance a slow romantic dance with your naked bodies today. Have music or not."
Physical pleasure:"From behind, massage your partner with romantic delight."
Adventure:"Find a favorite area of your body and ask your partner to give it pleasure."

The Speak Love... Make Love journey moves you and your lover along a path that melds both of your emotional and physical sides of life into one.

Speak Love... Make Love contains a playing board that is two-sided, two game pieces and a die. One player plays the left side of board, the other plays the right side. Each takes turns rolling the die, moving the game piece and completing the activity in the landed square. Complete instructions are included in the game

Speak Love Make Love $27
Out Of Stock

Kama Sutra Game

For more than a thousand years Kama Sutra has been a guide for lovers of all ages. .

The Kama Sutra Game™ offers lovers the opportunity to explore the sensual and sexual aspects of their body, mind and spirit on the journey to experiencing ecstasy.

Object of the Game

To have fun developing a deeper understanding of what you and your lover like and want in your intimate relationship.

To engage in an extended session of lovemaking that builds on anticipation, creativity, adventure and a progression of physical intimacy.

To expand your sensory awareness through activities using sight, hearing, taste, smell and... touch.

Game Play

Rolling the die and moving your game piece each of you will travel a different path. During the game the two of you will be communicating, sharing and participating in a multitude of pleasurable activities and accumulating "Sexual Position" cards. These cards will be played to complete your "journey to ecstasy."

Included in the game:

A playing board, 56 activity and position cards, a die, 2 playing pieces and instructions.

Kama Sutra Board Game- $29
Out Of Stock


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